Episode 11

11 Dr. Tracy Timberlake

Hey, they're beautiful. You are in for a treat. This is a candid and casual conversation with my friend and business coach, Dr. Tracy Timberlake, lovingly known as Dr. TT.

We're having a good time. You know, Dr. TT talks fast, I'm talking fast, feel free to slow it down or to speed it up if you want to. But we're having a great time talking about the reality of, you know, finding your happy, right, whatever that means for you.

The journey through going to school and working for someone else, and recognizing your talents, and being bold enough and brave enough to step out there and do it on your own, start your own business, follow your heart, follow your mind, whatever it is, that makes you happy. This is what we're talking about, and Dr. TT, and I go into several personal stories to help you see how we did it so that when you're ready, you can do it too. We also talk about the challenge that Dr. TT had with allowing herself to open up and be ready to receive love as a truly busy woman and a woman on purpose. Sometimes we think that the problem is outside of us when in reality it is us who is standing in our way. So have a great time with this episode.

But enough about that. Let's go ahead and get started. See you inside of the episode.

What You Learn:

  • How Dr. Tracy Timberlake created her business while still working full time
  • Advice to advance your business and watch it thrive
  • Why it’s important to just go for it, even when you’re scared you’re not ready
  • Dr. Tracy’s advice for finding your happy!

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