Episode 89

89 How to Make Tough Calls with Integrity for Socially Conscious Leaders

As a socially conscious C-Level Executive, you understand that ethical decision-making is not always black and white. Sometimes, it requires navigating complex grey areas to make tough calls that align with your values and mission. It can be challenging, but it’s essential for your organization’s long-term success and reputation.

So, how can you navigate these grey areas and make tough calls with integrity?

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out.

See you inside….

What You Learn:

  • That socially conscious decision-making is not always black and white
  • 5 Clear ways to navigate making tough calls as a leader with integrity 
  • How I can help the leaders at your organization uncover, “grow through,” and dismantle the unconscious bias that gets in the way of your company living out its mission and vision
  • 2 Ways to contact me to help your organization navigate the grey areas of ethical decision-making and develop strategies for making tough calls

Featured on the Show:


Anita Charlot, the Corporate Metaphysician, consults and advises businesses and organizations in exploring the deeper philosophical questions related to their purpose, values, and impact on society.

She helps leaders at socially conscious organizations develop a more holistic understanding of their place in the world by using real-world, metaphysical, and philosophical principles to guide decision-making processes that help businesses align their actions with their stated values as it relates to matters specific to their Black and Brown employees. 

She is also hired by Powerful Women of Color looking to heal from corporate trauma, and thrive professionally, no matter what type of work environment they are in.

For speaking opportunities, go to Request Coach Anita

For all coaching, media, or consulting inquiries, visit https://calendly.com/coachanitacharlot to schedule a quick call.

For Black and Brown women looking to heal from corporate trauma, go to https://anitacharlot.com/healing.

**New Book Alert** Coming later this year, “Doing DEI the Right Way…Not the White Way!”


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