Episode 96

96 Recognizing and Addressing the Intersectionality of Independence Day and Black Employees’ Experiences

As a Black female conscious leadership consultant, I’ve long been aware of the complex tapestry that weaves together Black employees’ experiences, feelings, and history in American workplaces.

This week, on July 4th, the United States celebrates its Independence Day—a day marked with festivities, parades, and fireworks, celebrating the country’s hard-fought freedom from colonial rule.

However, within this celebration, we must also acknowledge the nuanced experiences of our Black employees. For many African Americans, this day carries a different weight, one that is often left unacknowledged in the workplace, where so many hours of their lives are spent.

Join me inside the episode as I share what this day means to us.

See you inside…

What You Learn:

  • How to acknowledge the nuanced experiences of our Black employees on July 4th
  • A few ways that organizations can honor the feelings of their Black employees
  • That recognizing the experiences of Black employees is about more than just empathy
  • How to commit to fostering an environment where all employees feel seen, heard, and valued

Featured on the Show:

Anita Charlot, the Corporate Metaphysician™, consults and advises businesses and organizations in exploring the deeper philosophical questions related to their purpose, values, and impact on society.

She helps leaders at socially conscious organizations develop a more holistic understanding of their place in the world by using real-world, metaphysical, and philosophical principles to guide decision-making processes that help businesses align their actions with stated values related to matters specific to their Black and Brown employees.

She is also hired by Powerful Women of Color looking to heal from corporate trauma, and thrive professionally, no matter what type of work environment they are in.

**New Book Alert** Coming later this year, “Doing DEI the Right Way…Not the White Way!”

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