Episode 72

72 That's IT... I QUIT!!!

In case you haven’t heard, I broke my ankle a couple of weeks ago. It couldn’t have happened at a better time since this is the time of year when I do my year-in-review.

You may have heard me mention this before. Every December, as I’m wrapping up the end-of-year activities, I take time to look over the year and determine what worked and what didn’t in every area of my life.

Sitting and lying here for weeks with my leg iced and propped up due to broken ankle surgery, I’ve had nothing BUT time to think about how my life has unfolded both personally and professionally.

Stay with me as I let you get “all up in my personal business” by sharing my process, what I reviewed, and what I’ve said, “That’s It… I QUIT!” to doing.

In other words, what I am no longer available for.

What You Learn:

  • Behaviors I am quitting going into the new year
  • Some go-to questions to help yourself say “I Quit” to disserving behaviors in 2023
  • The purpose and importance of a good year-in-review in your own life
  • What I’m giving my time, money, and energy to come January

Featured on the Show:


As an Executive Coach for Women, Professional Speaker, Corporate Metaphysician™, Author of The 5 Phases of Dating – The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide to Attracting and Maintaining Authentic Relationships, and the Creator of The Happy Executive Woman™…

Anita teaches women of color how to heal from past relationships and corporate trauma, increase their confidence and improve their leadership skills.

She is a board member of the Women Impact Network and Women In Technology, where she focuses on coordinating and creating professional development training for the members.

Anita also coaches White allies on how to ACTivate Your Privilege!™ and is hired to speak and train as The Corporate Metaphysician™ at organizations willing to begin reversing corporate America’s trauma by taking an honest look at their “unconscious DEI efforts,” all using practical and metaphysical concepts.

Recently featured in…

  • ValientCEO Magazine!
  • Speaker’s Magazine

For all coaching, media, or consulting inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Anita at https://anitacharlot.com/contact.

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