Episode 14

14 Sahar Paz

Join Personal Branding Strategist - Sahar Paz (she/her) and me as we share the realities of pushing yourself too hard, overachieving, being forced to take a break and face our truths, and how to overcome ALL of that to find your very own happiness.

It's amazing how I continue to attract into my space truly unique women with such amazing stories. It is such a beautiful experience. Listen in as Sahar shares a very personal and intimate story from her own life to help you, the listener, learn from her experiences.

New episodes drop every Wednesday with plenty of information and life lessons for you to "grow from."

Dare to be happy in business AND in love!

What You'll Learn:

  • Sahar’s journey of finding her voice in Corporate America
  • How we decipher what’s our voice and what is social conditioning
  • The importance of keeping your vision big - the time is now!
  • Sahar’s advice for finding your happy!

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